Sinam: Screen Review


Police Assistant Inspector Pari Venkat’s (Arun Vijay), romantic wife is gang-raped and killed. Another man’s body is lying next to his body. The detective, who Barry doesn’t like, files a case of both murders due to an incestuous relationship. An enraged Barry confronts him and is suspended. After knowing the truth, the case comes to him. How did he find the killers of his wife? The film is what he did.

Director G.N.R.Kumaravelan has given the story, which is justifiably ‘shameful’, without too much cinematography. The screenplay, Arun Vijay’s excellent performance and Shabir’s music support his story like a pillar.

Although Arun Vijay has been seen as a cop in many films, this one is different. His physique and understated performance perfectly suited the character. Arun Vijay Pari has become Venkat when he screams while carrying his wife’s body in his hands, when he struggles to find evidence about the criminals, and at the last stage, when he goes on a mad hunt.

As his companion, Ettu Kali Venkat. He has been improving himself in acting in every film and same in this one. Balak Lalwani, who plays the role of Arun Vijay’s wife, does not have much work to do, but she has done her job perfectly.

Reamalarchi Bharathi, Tamilarasan, Balamurali Varman, late RNR Manohar have all given excellent performances. Gopinath’s cinematography naturally shows the dark parts of the Chennai suburbs and adds strength to the film. Shabbir’s score sets the tone for the thriller. The fast-paced screenplay that such films usually have is a bit missing. The slow-moving scenes about the investigation couldn’t help but tire at some point.

Seeing the atrocities happening in the society, he asked, ‘Why me?’ They say that you should smile instead of shying away. Can the hero’s justification for promoting revenge be accepted? Apart from this, this thriller perfectly captures the emotions of the average person who oscillates between police procedures and individual emotions!

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