Ajith sir is the ultimate: biker resilience


‘Ajith has completely changed my outlook. A biker mentioned on his Instagram page that he met actor Ajith as he is a simple person.

Actor Ajith traveled to places including Ladakh during the shooting of ‘AK 61’. The video and photos of him riding around on the bike went viral on the internet. In this case, actor Ajith has helped a young man during those trips. In this regard, the young man posted the incident on his Instagram page.

It said, “Let me tell you a story. They say everything happens for a reason. For the first time on my bike trip I got a flat tire. That’s when I sought help. Then my dream bike, a BMW 1250GSA, passed me by. I waved at him and asked him for an air compressor. .to which he said I have it but it is in the car coming behind.It will take 10 minutes.

I continued to talk to him. I introduced myself by telling my name and job. When asked his name, he introduced himself as ‘I am Ajith’. I said nice to meet you. After that, without even thinking, he got off the bike and fixed my bike himself. We traveled for the next two hours. Shall I have a tea with you later? I said it was a privilege. We had tea at the next tea shop. After more than 10 minutes of continuous conversation about his previous route map, he congratulated us on the route we were traveling and left.

There are two reasons why I post this incident:

1. A great man had a simple attitude with no strings attached… He has amazing love for his fans, people.

2. I got lucky. I will never forget this day. He completely changed my perspective.”

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