The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard case to be made into a movie


Hollywood actor Johnny Depp became famous worldwide with the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. His acting, badassness and character name Jack Sparrow made him a crowd pleaser. He fell in love with and married actress Amber Heard in 2015. While the two had split due to disagreements, an article written by Amber Heard in the Washington Post caused a stir.

In it, he had said that he was a victim of violence in his marital relationship. Johnny Depp sued for $50 million in defamation, claiming the article hurt him and his career. Amber Heard also sued. At the end of the case, the court ruled in favor of Johnny Depp. Earlier, this case became a closely watched practice not only in Hollywood but worldwide.

The reason is that the investigation of this case, which was started almost 3 years ago, has been going on intensively since last April. Then, numerous arguments and witnesses were presented on both sides. Several YouTube channels around the world telecast the hearing of the case live. Thus the debates on this case attracted attention.

Meanwhile, the case will be made into a movie titled ‘Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial’. The film will be released by the American OTT platform owned by the famous Fox production company. Fox has announced that you can watch the film for free without a subscription.

Johnny Depp’s role in the film is played by Mark Hopka, who acted in films like ‘Parallels’ and ‘Days of Our Lives’. Megan Davis plays Amber Heard. It has been reported that America’s leading TV actors are playing the roles of lawyers for both sides. The film will release on September 30. However, there is no announcement about the release in India.

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