Isn’t ‘separation’ a strong feeling? – Poet Tamarai on the song ‘Mallipoo’


“Isn’t ‘separation’ a strong feeling after all?” Poet Thamarai has said that this type of song has never come so much before.

‘Mallipoo’ song composed by AR Rahman in the movie ‘Vendhu Tanantha Kadu’ which is running in theaters and released in Simbu starrer has become a hit. Many people are listening to this song on repeat mode. Migrant workers have been appreciating this song, which expresses the love and separation between husband and wife, who are separated due to work at a long distance from home. In this case, the lyricist poet has posted a long comment on his Facebook page about the reception of this song.

I know that the song ‘Mallipoo Vechu Vechu Vaduthe’ featured in the movie ‘Vendhu Tanintha Kadu’ has attracted most of the people. happy This is the first song I wrote for this film. Singer Madhusree’s voice recording took place only last month, even though she had written, recorded and shot it last year. While shooting this song, they took me from the set and told me that everyone likes the song, it’s the song for the game!

Although the song is breezy, the theme is the inseparability of people moving far away from home/country/relationships for work. Even though it is a husband-wife song, I have arranged it so that it touches the surface without peeking through. At the same time, you can feel the deep lines if you sit and observe. In that way, the freedom given to me by Gautama, Rahman is great!

This song is loved by many people because it is not only for the visual but also for the feeling of long distance relationships. Isn’t ‘separation’ a strong feeling anyway?? . The reason is that this type of song has never been released before. The song is completely written for me! . I wrote quickly. “I smiled while recording the song because many people thought that I would not write folk songs,” he said.

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