Lift falls in Gujarat, 7 laborers die



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Published: Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 22:26 [IST]

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AHMEDABAD: Newly constructed elevator in Gujarat has broken down
The incident in which 6 workers lost their lives caused great tragedy.

The owners of the building informed the police about the accident.
It is said that the fire brigade was also not informed immediately.

If it had been given like that, those workers could have been saved
Firefighters said. 3 hours due to lack of information
The fire brigade arrived late.

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Apartment building

Apartment building

A large apartment complex has been built in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

is coming The residence with about 13 floors is almost built
Nearing completion. More than 50 workers
They are engaged in construction work here. For their convenience
A temporary lift was installed outside the building. Construction
The workers used this lift to carry the goods up and down.

A falling elevator

A falling elevator

Meanwhile, cement for the upper floor of the building at 10 am today

8 workers went with the bundles. In this
When approaching the 7th floor of the building, the elevator suddenly stopped working
It stopped. The frightened workers ran away from there
They raised their voices. But no one heard their voice.
In this case, within a few seconds, the elevator fell rapidly from there.

The laborers died in the rush

The laborers died in the rush

7 workers were seriously injured. But, about this accident

The construction companies that build the building, the police, the fire department
The soldiers were not immediately informed. Out about the accident
They don’t say anything out of fear that it will become a problem if it gets known
were In this the injured workers were left with no one to save them
One after another they died.

Journalists who provided information

Journalists who provided information

In this context, journalists who were there about this accident

Some have access to confidential information. According to them,
The police and fire brigade have gone there. 1 in the afternoon
They went to the scene at Thus 7
They were only able to recover the dead bodies of the workers.
Rescued an unconscious worker with serious injuries
Firefighters admitted him to the hospital.

Construction companies are absconding

Construction companies are absconding

Ahmedabad Fire Brigade Chief Officer Jayesh Gadia said about this

He said, “Journalists have told about this accident
We found out. From construction companies to us
No information came. They told us when the accident happened
7 workers might have been saved if they had informed. 3 hours
Workers died because of delay. Construction
The founders have gone into hiding,” he said.

Meanwhile, the police are actively searching for the absconding construction companies.

English summary

Horrific Incident in Gujarat, 7 Laborers died as lift collapsed in under construction building in Ahmedabad. Police and fire department claims that they did not receive any information about the incident for 3 hours.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 22:26 [IST]

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