Screen Review: Not Reachable


An ‘alert’ sent by the ‘Kavalan’ app about a woman in danger comes to the police control room. Police Inspector Gayal (Subha) rushes to the concerned spot.

The young woman was found murdered there, and the body of another woman was also found. The Commissioner hands over the case to both Forensic Officer Vishwa and Kayal.

Both the couple have filed for divorce and are waiting. The story is about how the two find this complex case that complicates their lives.

Director Chanduru Muruganantham has displayed the investigation with the available clues as to why the murders took place and who is the killer.

The director’s skill shines through as he has taken care of the editing work by layering the scenes without giving us a chance to guess who the killer is.

Appreciate the display to create awareness about the ‘Kavalan’ app. In an environment where there is little understanding and support for heterosexual attractors, it is welcome.

The film is technically strong, including cinematography (Sukumaran Sundar), color composition, art direction (Jagadish), background music (Charankumar).

New faces including Vishwa, Subha as Kayal, Sai Tanya as Hema have acted without knowing that this is their first film.

The film ends when the killer is discovered. A moving 15-minute finale could then be trimmed.

It is questionable whether a forensic officer will be appointed as the lead officer in a team investigating a murder case. Overcoming this logical fallacy, ‘Not Reachable’ becomes a ‘watchable’ crime thriller by carrying the story without losing momentum.

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