No regrets about not acting in Selvan’s film Ponni: Amala Paul


Actress Amala Paul has said that she does not regret not acting in ‘Ponniyil Selvan’.

About this he said: Mani Ratnam called me for the film ‘Ponniin Selvan’ a few years ago.

Being a fan of his, I attended the audition excitedly. But then the film was not launched. I was saddened and worried about this.

Then in 2021, when he called me for the same film, I was in no mood to act. So it has to be denied. Do you regret this? If not. They also ask why she is not acting more in Telugu cinema.

It was dominated by film families and fans. Each film has 2 heroines. Love scenes and songs are all attractive.

They were commercial films. So I acted in fewer films there. Amala Paul has said this.

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