“If you write that suicide is not the solution to anything…” – Brush Kaplan hide and some tributes


Writers and many people from the film industry are condoling the death of lyricist Kapilan’s daughter Thurigai. Kapilan is a veteran lyricist of Tamil cinema. Her daughter Durigai Kaplan ran an online magazine for women called ‘Being Women’. In it, he wrote various self-confidence articles and attracted the attention of many people. He also worked as a costume designer and designed costumes for actors Ashok Selvan, GV Prakash, Ramya Pandian and others.

Director Vasanthapalan introduced Durigai as a costume designer in his film ‘Aneethi’. Dhurikai, who shared posts like ‘suicide is not the solution’ on his Facebook page, has come as a shock when he hanged himself at his home on Friday night. In this situation, many writers and people from the film industry are mourning his death.

Poet Palanibharathi wrote on his Facebook page, “Kapilan’s beloved daughter Durigai’s suicide is an irreparable tragedy. “Suicide is not the solution to any problem,” Durhigi posted on Facebook, taking such a decision was brave. “Deep condolence,” he posted.

In this regard, director Vasantha Balan said on his Facebook page, “Durikai Kaplan worked as a costume designer in the film Aneethi, which is being prepared under my direction. The owls screamed in their hearts all night long after hearing the news. Why does life bring so much grief?”

Dravidar Kazhagam’s lawyer Arul Leehu wrote on his Facebook page, “I was regretting not being able to write some news. This news puts us in a state where we can’t do anything,” he said.

Naam Tamilar Party coordinator Seeman said on his Twitter page, “I am deeply shocked and saddened to hear the news of the disappearance of Thurigai, daughter of renowned film lyricist and poet Anbuthampi Kapilan. I agonize without words to console and console the brother who has lost his dearest daughter and is trapped in calamity. I offer my condolences to my brother Kapilan and his family who are trapped in Koduntuyar and share in their grief.

On his Facebook page, Aadhavan Deetsanya said, “I was introduced to Durigai Kapilan on September 4. He enthusiastically invited me to speak at an event on September 16 at IIT. Suicide now. Koduntuyar” has been posted.

| If you have suicidal thoughts, you can contact suicide prevention centers and get counseling. To get a new hope for life, you can contact the helpline number 104 of the Tamil Nadu government. You can also contact the helpline number of Sneha Charities 044-24640060. |

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