Are you studying well? The mother who killed the student for her daughter. The mysterious gang that robbed the house!



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Published: Wednesday, September 7, 2022, 16:17 [IST]

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Karaikal: In Karaikal, there is a commotion because miscreants broke up the house of Victoria, a female Sakayarani who poisoned the student and killed him because he was studying better than her daughter.

Rajendran (40) hails from Karaikal Nehru Nagar Housing Board area of ​​Puduwai Union Territory. He is working as a salesman in a ration shop.

His wife is Malathi. Their son is Palamanikandan (13). He was studying in 8th standard in a private school at Bharati Road, Kottusassery. He is good at studies. He was also very interested in performing arts.

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Shock in Karaikal

Shock in Karaikal

An annual function will be held in the school. Rehearsal for this is going on. Balamanikandan went home yesterday after attending the rehearsal. Balamanikandan then asked his mother Malathi who sent me juice to school. Malathi said shocked that I didn’t send any juice like that.

Student dies mysteriously

Student dies mysteriously

Immediately Balamanikandan vomited 3 times and fainted. Balamanikandan was immediately rescued with the help of neighbors and admitted to Karaikal Government Hospital. Balamanikandan died there without treatment. Relatives who were shocked by this went directly to the school where Balamanikandan studied. They examined the surveillance camera there. In that investigation, it was revealed that it was Sakayameri, the mother of Arulmeri, a fellow student who studied with Thamva Balamanikandan, who gave something to the school guard, Devdas.

Poisoning in soft drinks

Poisoning in soft drinks

In the investigation it was revealed that Sakayarani Victoria had poisoned the soft drink due to academic rivalry with Bala Manikandan. Queen Victoria was arrested and imprisoned in connection with this incident. In this case, Sakayarani Victoria Illam, her house located on Vedettakaran road in Karaikal was locked.

House ransacked

House ransacked

Last night, miscreants smashed the front compound walls and doors of the house and damaged them. Following the incident, police have been deployed in the area. Karaikal police are investigating the incident. And this incident has caused a stir in the Karaikal area.

English summary

There is a commotion in Karaikal as miscreants broke up the house of Victoria Sahayarani who poisoned the student because he was studying better than her daughter.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 7, 2022, 16:17 [IST]

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