Tower Ratinam collapsed at night..! Many people including children were injured.. Shocking video



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Updated: Monday, September 5, 2022, 6:47 [IST]

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Mohali: There has been a serious accident in Punjab where ratinum fell from Andhra at an exhibition.

Nowadays fairs are held continuously in various cities in India. People used to gather at such places on weekends.

However, the allegation that adequate security measures are not taken at such fairs continues to be made.

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In this case, there has been a bad accident in Punjab where Ratinum fell from Andhra at an exhibition. An exhibition was organized in Mohali, Punjab. Various shops were also set up in it. Also many entertaining games were organized.
Accordingly, many people were playing in the ratinum that was set up there.

Accident of the night

Accident of the night

There were many people there, including children. Then, unexpectedly, the ratinum fell from above and crashed. It is reported that at least 10 people, including children and women, have been injured in this terrible accident. They have been taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.



At least 10 people have been taken to hospital. They have injuries on neck, abdomen and back. At the same time, no one seems to have suffered any bleeding injuries. Scans and treatment for them are going on one side.

Shock video

The video of this accident has also been released on the Internet and created a sensation. In which the resin goes about 80 feet above the ground, where it spins. Then after it leans a bit, suddenly the Ratnum falls to the ground without any control and crashes in an unexpected way.

what is the reason

what is the reason

This video makes viewers cringe. It is said that women and children were also injured. Immediately after the incident, the operator and owner of the ratinum fled from the spot. The search for them is also going on. This is said to be due to inadequate security arrangements.

English summary

Mohali Swing crashes down at late night: Mohali Swing accident latest updates in tamil.

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