Do you always talk to each other? Cruel parents who killed a 5th class girl.. Cruelty in UP



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Published: Monday, September 5, 2022, 17:48 [IST]

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Meerut: A fifth class student’s parents, who were enraged because he was always talking to their boyfriends, mercilessly killed him in Uttar Pradesh.

Bablu (43) and Ruby (36) are a couple from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Their only daughter Soumya (10) is studying in Class 5 in a private school there.

Soumya, who excelled in studies and sports, had many friends at school. Among them are male friends.

Condoms all over the room!  'Jabia' who drank with boyfriends!  The lover is angry! Condoms all over the room! ‘Jabia’ who drank with boyfriends! The lover is angry!

  Father didn't like it

Father didn’t like it

But Soumya’s father, Bablu, doesn’t like his daughter talking to boyfriends. ‘Sociate only with girls; He has often told his daughter Soumya, ‘Don’t date boys’. But Saumya, who was a shy girl, has been friendly with everyone regardless of gender. He also has a habit of talking to his friends on his cell phone about schoolwork.

  Decided to kill

Decided to kill

Meanwhile, Sowmya’s move has recently angered father Bablu. He has also told his wife Ruby about this. Mother Ruby also tells Saumya that they don’t like hanging out with boyfriends. But little girl Saumya did not listen to them. Due to this, the Bablu-Ruby couple, who went to the top of their anger, decided to get rid of their daughter Soumya.

  They threw it in the canal

They threw it in the canal

Accordingly, on the night of 30th, they took Soumya in their car saying that they could go to the hotel to eat. At around 10 pm, they reached the Yamuna Canal flyover, called their daughter and stopped as if looking at the canal.

Little girl Soumya was looking excitedly at the lake, not knowing what was going to happen to her in a few more seconds. Then Pablo and Ruby Eve mercilessly picked up their daughter and threw her into the canal. In this, Sowmiya was swept away by the wild flood and drowned.

  Arrest action

Arrest action

Later, both of them came as if nothing had happened and reported their daughter missing at the police station on the 1st. In this, the police got suspicious about the activities of the parents, so they monitored them. In this, they have been without the least bit of tension that their daughter is missing.

Subsequently, the police took them and interrogated them separately. If both of them gave contradictory answers, the police interrogated them in their own style. Both then confessed that they had killed their daughter. They said they did this because they don’t like talking to their male friends. Following this, the police arrested them. Firefighters are searching for Soumya’s dead body.

English summary

Horrific incident in Uttar Pradesh, Class five girl killed by her parents because they were angry over their daughter’s friendship with many boys.

Story first published: Monday, September 5, 2022, 17:48 [IST]

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