‘Moving Star’ sparks debate in society: Pa. Ranjith


“The movie ‘Nakshatram Nagaranga’ has created a debate in the society. I am happy that people have accepted the film,” director Pa. Ranjith said.

Directed by Ba.Ranjith, the movie ‘Nakshatram Nagarganta’ starring Tushara Vijayan, Kalidas Jayaraman and Kalaiyarasan in the lead roles. Thenma has composed the music for the film which released on 31st August. Pa. Ranjith’s Neelam Production Company has produced the film in association with Yazhi Films. In this case, Pa. Ranjith enjoyed watching the movie ‘Nakshatram Nagaranga’ together with people in one of the theaters in Chennai today. The film crew including Kalaiyarasan and Sandy Master were with him.

In this case, Pa. Ranjith spoke to the media after watching the film and said, “I made the film expecting this success. The way people have absorbed the film and accepted it is very gratifying. Besides, it is gratifying to think that the film has sparked a debate in society. My daughter watched the movie. He liked the film very much,” he said.

Actor Kalaiyarasan continued, “The audience clapped and enjoyed watching the film in many unexpected places. The happy thing is that people have accepted this film with a beautiful understanding. The film has created a debate in many places,” he said.

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