Squeeze the banana! A 50-year-old man has an ear piercing! The bond that made the wish come true!



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Updated: Saturday, September 3, 2022, 17:01 [IST]

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Kallakurichi: Near Rishivanthiyam in Kallakurichi district, a man who was shaved at a young age and had his ears pierced due to family poverty, got his wish fulfilled at the age of 50, making his relatives happy.

According to Hindu Shastra rituals, it is customary for a new born child to have a family gathering at a specific area, a shaving ceremony and an earring ceremony at the temple of the deity.

This ceremony is usually performed within the first five years of the child’s birth. As Kathani festival is an important event, people perform this ritual only on an auspicious day and at an auspicious time.

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ear piercing

ear piercing

As per their ritual, it will be done according to the respective Tithi, Nakshatra and Lagna. Also astrologers will give the auspicious days to perform earring ceremony. On that day, Kulaswamy will be given a special ceremony. In this case, near Kallakurichi, who was shaved at a young age due to family poverty, his family and relatives fulfilled his wish at the age of 50 and made him resilient.

A 50 year old person

A 50 year old person

Etummalai, a resident of Sempadi village next to Rishivanthiam in Kallakurichi district, is engaged in agricultural work. He is survived by his wife Sangeetha and two sons Vediyappan and Mani. It is said that at a young age, Etummalai shaved his head and left his ears unpierced due to family poverty. Yehumalai told his children and relatives about his childhood long wish.

Mother's lap..

Mother’s lap..

After this, the relatives decided to fulfill the childhood wish of Yehumalai. For this he was taken to the temple of Kulatheiva, and at a young age he was shaved and his ears pierced. Accordingly, the 50-year-old Yehumalai was shaved, sat on his mother’s lap and enjoyed having his ears pierced.

Relatives are resilient

Relatives are resilient

More than 100 relatives of Yehumalai were invited for the event at Kulatheiva Temple. All of them were given a non-vegetarian feast. At the age of 50 his children and relatives fulfilled his unfulfilled wish at the age of 5. This strange event, which had to be accomplished at a young age, was performed at the age of 50 by shaving and piercing the ears, causing surprise and amazement among the people of the area.

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The action of the relatives of a 50-year-old man in Kallakurichi, who performed an ear-piercing ceremony, is going viral on social media.

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