Ruthless human race.. JCB who felled the tree with the voice of hundreds of birds! Arrest on reprimands



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Published: Saturday, September 3, 2022, 14:54 [IST]

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Malappuram: Hundreds of nesting birds died when a big tree was felled to build a road.

If there is one creature in this world that destroys nature, it is without a doubt man. Indiscriminate extraction of river sands as a source of catchment in rivers; cutting down trees that give life gas for his selfishness; The atrocities committed by man like breaking mountains are increasing day by day.

Mankind today is facing the opposite consequences of destroying nature. Among them are global warming and climate change. However, we humans do not seem to stop destroying nature for our selfish interests.

Road, bridge, tower.. a city ready on another level in India!  And that's where the “twist” comes in - set up by China Road, bridge, tower.. a city ready on another level in India! And that’s where the “twist” comes in – set up by China

  Road construction work

Road construction work

Such an incident has happened in Kerala, which is hailed as God’s own country. The construction of National Highway is underway in Thalapparai area of ​​Malappuram district of Kerala state. For this, many trees in the area were cut down. In that regard, the work of cutting a big tree was carried out yesterday, claiming that it was obstructing the construction of the road.

  Dead birds throbbing

Dead birds throbbing

Once the workers had partially cut the tree, a JCB machine was brought in to fully tilt it. The people who were there then said that there were many birds nesting in the tree. But the workers did not live up to their claims.

As a result, when the JCP machine tilted the tree, only a few birds escaped and escaped. At the same time, hundreds of birds fell to the ground and died. The baby birds in more than a hundred cages in the tree and the mother birds that accompanied them fell prey to this heinous act of man.

  Released video

Released video

A video of a dead bird is going viral on social media. Many are crying after seeing this. People are also demanding action against those involved in this heinous act. Bird lovers and environmentalists not only from India but also from various countries of the world have expressed their grief to see the death of birds, which are creatures that protect nature without causing any harm to humans.



A case has been registered under the Wildlife Protection Act against the road contractor who felled the tree after the incident. The forest department has arrested the JCP driver who removed the tree knowing the presence of the birds without any concern. The JCP vehicle that felled the tree has also been impounded. In the meantime, the public has said that this action is not enough and that a case should be registered against them under the non-bailable section of the law, and only then will no one come forward to engage in such activities.

English summary

Kerala forest officers arrested a contractor and JCP driver who cut down a big tree which caused a death of hundreds of birds.

Story first published: Saturday, September 3, 2022, 14:54 [IST]

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