Cobra: The Screen Review


Kolkata-based mathematics teacher Mathieu (Vikram) murders internationally prominent figures as the Prince of Scotland and the Russian Defense Minister. Interpol officer Aslan (Irfan Pathan) arrives in India to track down the killer. While he is struggling to find a clue, a mysterious person leaks information about Mathi on the internet. What does he have to do with respect? The story is whether Aslan and the police find the killer.

What an interesting script could have been set up with a maths teacher murdering international points, but director Ajay Gnanamuthu has left the line! Especially in the second half of ‘Yar Madi? Who is Kadir?’ A lot of confusion.

It is said that the hero commits murders with his profound mathematical knowledge. Through Judy (Meenakshi), who comes as a mathematical cub who discovers it and tells it, subtle information related to mathematics is layered. It is a pity that they did not materialize into interesting scenes.

The amazing aspect of the film is the visuals. The scenes where he kills the Scottish prince and the Russian minister are entertaining enough to forget the logical fallacies. The excellent cinematography impresses with the way foreign locations are presented from a new angle and the hero’s appearance of depravity.

The twists and turns placed in the second half, not only the action blocks, but also the romantic scenes are nothing new.

Vikram appears in many ‘baddies’. His hard work and dedication are commendable. His dialogue acting in emotional scenes and emotional scenes is amazing. Nidhi, who comes as Bhavana, has done a good job portraying the character of a lover who knows whether he is neglecting her or embracing her.

Interpol officer Irfan Pathan is unbelievably cool as an introduction. Roshan Mathew’s contribution is also fantastic as he portrays the corporate arrogance. Bhuvan Srinivasan and John Abraham, 2 film editors working and seeing many scenes that should have been cut with their eyes closed, have been overlooked.

Harish Kannan’s cinematography has helped in giving the film a grand feel. You can enjoy the songs ‘Atheera’ and ‘Thumbit Thullal’ in the music of AR Rahman.

Because the clarity and subtlety in the screenplay and the interest in the back story are very weak for dual role stories, this ‘cobra’ has forgotten to growl as if it has swallowed a glutton and is curled up without digestion.

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