Severe fever.. No doctors to see.. Child died in mother’s lap! Shocking incident!



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Published: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 17:51 [IST]

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Bhopal: A 5-year-old child who came down with fever died in his mother’s lap as there were no doctors in the government hospital to treat him, causing tragedy in Madhya Pradesh.

There is no doubt that India is a developed country. But some of the benefits of this growth are only available to the well-off. Even in education and medicine, there is discrimination between rich and poor. If you have money you can get better education and quality medical care. For the underprivileged, these two are always an octagon. Even today, the condition of poor people who go for treatment in government hospitals is very pathetic. One such incident happened in Madhya Pradesh.

Five Year Old Boy Dies In Government Hospital In Madhya Pradesh Due To Absence Of Doctors

Sanjay Bandare hails from Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh. His wife is Saranya. They have a son named Rishi (5). In this case, Rishi has been suffering from severe fever for the past 4 days. Rishi’s fever did not subside even after being shown to nearby hospitals.

Following this, the parents took the child Rishi to Jabalpur Government Hospital this morning. But it is said that no doctor came even after 2 hours. Not even nurses.

Due to this the fever rises and Rishi faints. Seeing this, the parents got scared and woke him up by sprinkling water. But even then Rishi died in his mother’s lap due to lack of doctors for first aid. Seeing the death of their child before their eyes, the parents cried and cried and shook everyone’s heart.

In this case, the photos and video related to this went viral on social media and caused a lot of controversy.

Subsequently, the district medical officer has assured that appropriate action will be taken against the doctors and nurses who made mistakes by investigating the matter. No matter what steps are taken, will the dead child’s life come?

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Five Year Old Boy Dies In Government Hospital In Madhya Pradesh Due To Absence Of Doctors.

Story first published: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 17:51 [IST]

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