India-China military top officials hold talks in eastern Ladakh to defuse border tension



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Published: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 9:38 [IST]

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Srinagar: High-ranking military officials of India and China held talks yesterday in East Ladakh region regarding de-escalation of border tensions.

China continues to encroach on Indian borders including the Ladakh border. China is building villages with modern facilities and establishing settlements in Indian border areas. Such actions by China continue to create tension along the borders.

India and China military officials hold talks in eastern Ladak on Aug.31

Both sides are conducting various rounds of talks to ease this tension. So far 16 rounds of talks have been held between India-China military commanders.

In this case, the talks between the top military officials of India and China were held in the eastern Ladakh region yesterday. Both sides should be transparent about the boundaries during these negotiations; It was also emphasized that both sides should maintain peace along the borders.

No official announcements have been made regarding the talks. But such informal talks are said to be a routine move to defuse border tensions.

Also, during these talks, the Indian side pointed out the various activities that China is carrying out with modern structures in the border areas. According to reports in Delhi, the Indian side has also objected to this.

In this regard, military officials said, both sides agreed to consolidate the earlier results of bilateral talks and take effective efforts to maintain security and stability in the western region during seasons including winter. Both sides reportedly agreed to stay in close touch, maintain dialogue through military and diplomatic channels, and work out a mutually acceptable solution to the remaining issues as soon as possible.

The country is building a new city on the border with China centered on Lake Pankong in Ladakh; Modern towers have been erected for this purpose. Satellite images related to this were released. It is at this stage that India-China military officials are holding talks.D

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India and China military officials hold talks in eastern Ladak yesterday.

Story first published: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 9:38 [IST]

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