"Don’t you fail us?" – The students tied the teachers to the tree and whitewashed them.. Cruelty



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Published: Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 12:47 [IST]

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Dumka: Enraged by failing in the examination, the school students tied the teachers to a tree and kicked them, causing a stir in Jharkhand.

The activities and activities of today’s school and college students are very worrying when compared to the past. Gone are the days when teachers reprimanded students for making mistakes, and now it is no longer enough for students to beat up teachers. Excessive pampering by parents, trend of movies showing rowdies as heroes and easy availability of drugs are leading students today in the wrong direction.

Teachers tied and beaten up by students in Jharkhand

In that sense, an incident in Jharkhand raises questions and fears about where our society is headed.

A tribal government school is functioning in Dumka district of Jharkhand. More than 300 students are studying in this school. Meanwhile, a practical exam was held last week for the students of class 9 in mathematics. The results were published yesterday. Out of which 20 students have secured Grade ‘D’ marks. It is equivalent to fail marks.

Enraged that they were given fail marks, the students planned to take revenge on some teachers including the maths teacher. Accordingly, during the lunch break yesterday, those 20 students and some other students joined them and dragged out the two mathematics teachers by their shirts. Apart from the teachers, the students also dragged out the clerk of the school who uploaded the exam results on the government website.

The students then tied the three of them to a big tree in the school premises and beat and kicked them. Students beat teachers with belts and canes. The teachers could not bear the pain and screamed. The police came to know about this and freed the teachers who were tied to the tree. Following this, the police took more than 30 students who beat up the teachers to the police station.

However, the school management refused to file a complaint against the students. Concerned about the future of the students, even the teachers who were assaulted refused to file a complaint against the students. As a result, the police could not register a case against the students. Subsequently, the police sent the students away with a stern warning.

The footage of students tying teachers to trees and assaulting them is going viral on social media and causing shock.

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Teachers tied and beaten up by students in Jharkhand for giving fail marks.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 12:47 [IST]

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