Disappointed by Ligar’s failure – actress Charmy worried


Actress Charmy said that she was disappointed by the failure of ‘Liger’. Vijay Devarakonda, Ananya Pandey and many others in the film, ‘Liger’. Directed by Puri Jagannath, this film is co-produced by actress Charmi. Sarmi, who is worried because the film has been released in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and other languages ​​in a pan-India manner, has said:

Fans can watch films with good stories and big budget films at the comfort of their homes with a single click. They will come to the theater only if there are films that excite them. Telugu films ‘Bimbisara’, ‘Seetha Ramam’ and ‘Kartikeya 2’ released in August have attracted the fans. These films have collected between Rs.150 crore and Rs.175 crore. South India doesn’t seem to have as much craze for cinema as it used to. This is a terribly depressing situation. The situation in Bollywood is even worse. It took 3 years to make this film due to Corona. After many difficulties we made the film. The result is disappointing. Charmi has said this.

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