Cobra: Screen Review – A Creepy and Wriggling ‘Terrifying’ Lesson!


‘Cobra’ is the twists and turns at the end of the accountant’s hide-and-seek game. Mathieu (Vikram), a genius accountant uses his mathematical skills to kill important leaders of the world. who is he Why these murders? What is the conspiracy behind it? – The police department is struggling to find this out.

In such an environment, suddenly someone behind the scenes openly gives clues and information about him to the police department. Who is that mysterious person? What does he have to do with respect? – ‘Cobra’ is a film that unravels so many knots one by one.

The movie is directed by Ajaynanamuthu, who directed the films ‘Dmanti Colony’ and ‘Imaika Nodigal’. Vikram is the strength of the film. The director has entrusted the entire film to Vikram. He has done justice to the responsibility given to him by working more than necessary. His ‘Anniyan’ style performance in the second half gets applause from the fans. (He works to do justice to every film. But the film is..)

Cricketer Irfan Pathan as an Interpol officer. Despite fitting the role as a debutant, the shallow writing didn’t make much of an impact. Drove in his dubbing. Srinidhi Shetty is a character that is usually used only for romance. Even if he is not in the film, the story will not be affected. Meenakshi Govindarajan may be replaced by Irfan Pathan as an Interpol officer. He also works overtime and makes sure that he becomes a much needed character. Mrinalini Ravi, Robo Shankar, Anandraj, Roshan Mathew have given the necessary performance for the character.

As for the first half of the film, the scenes where the Scots prince, the Russian minister cross countries and the high security of the murders, the build-ups and asking what logic is. Similarly, Cobra’s weak screenplay in the first half, with maths taking a class, a leader’s assassination technique, and a forced love scene, doesn’t hurt Cobra. Besides, some of the puzzles in the first half, and the twist at the break, make me want to watch the second half.

In the second half, the fight scene at the beginning has been tire-talked to the point of saying enough is enough. Then when the answers to the riddles are told one by one, instead of being interesting, confusion and many questions arise. On the contrary, the story becomes more difficult to understand. The second half also tests a lot like stretching, lots of unnecessary scenes, more characters than needed, 2, 3 flashbacks, vagueness in the background of the villain. Although there are some interesting scenes, many places are boring. Especially the length of the film is a major tragedy.

Although AR Rahman’s background score is catchy, the songs don’t stick to much. Cinematographer Harish Kannan has worked hard for the film’s reach look of foreign grandeur as the camera pans from his point of view as a character crashes and spins upside down. Editors Bhuvan Srinivasan and John Abraham could have talked together and removed unnecessary scenes from the film.

All in all, the cobra has not surprised by shooting and pouncing, but has crept silently and squirmed and alarmed the math class. At the end of the trailer, Vikram takes a bow. The reason for that can only be understood by those who have seen the film.

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