Pit Man Death: The Mysterious Man Who Lived Alone In The Jungle For 26 Years



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Updated: Tuesday, August 30, 2022, 16:54 [IST]

The last person from an unconnected tribe in Brazil has died. Officials have confirmed this information.

For the last 26 years, the man, whose name is unknown, had been living in solitude without any contact with others. He was called the pit man. He used to dig deep holes to catch animals and to hide safely.

Amazon tribal man who lived alone for 26 years dies

His body was found on August 23 on a hanging rope bed outside his hut. There was no sign of any violent attack.

The 60-year-old’s death is believed to be natural.

He was the last of a group of people who lived in the Tanaru tribal area in the province of Rondônia on the Brazil-Bolivia border.

Most of his people are believed to have been killed in the 1970s by ranchers who wanted to expand their land.

In 1995, six remaining members of his tribe were killed in an attack by illegal miners. He was the only one left.

Brazil’s indigenous agency Funai learned of his survival in 1996 and began monitoring the area to ensure his safety.

During his routine patrol, Funai agent Altair Jose Alcaire found the man’s corpse covered in macaw feathers on a hanging swing outside one of his huts.

Former resident expert Marcelo dos Santos told local media: “I think he covered himself with feathers, knowing he was going to die. There were no signs of violence.”

He also noted that the man may have died 40 to 50 days before his body was found.

Officials said there were no signs of intrusion in the area and there was no damage to his hut. A post-mortem will be conducted to find out if he was infected.

As he avoided contact with outsiders, it is not known what language the man spoke and what race he belonged to.

In 2018, Funai members successfully filmed him when they randomly encountered him in the forest. In the footage, he can be seen chopping down a tree with what looks like an axe.

He has not been seen since, but Funai agents found his thatched huts and the deep pits he had dug.

Some of the pits had barbed wire underneath, which is thought to have been dug to capture animals such as the wild boar he hunted.

Algaier, the funai agent who found his body, says that all of the more than 50 huts the man had built over the years had a 10-foot-deep pit.

Algaier thinks the pits may have had spiritual significance for him. Others speculate that he may have used them as hiding places.

Evidence found over the years in the area suggests that he also cultivated maize and cassava and collected honey, papaya and bananas.

Under Brazil’s constitution, indigenous peoples have a right to their traditional land. Since 1998, others have been denied permission to use the lands of the Tanaru tribal area.

While the area around the 8,070-hectare land is used for agriculture, some landowners have expressed their anger over the past ban on entry of indigenous peoples into the area.

In 2009, a funai post in the area was damaged. Shotguns used to threaten the caveman and the Funai agents guarding him were also found there.

The injunction must be renewed every few years and for it to be approved, it must also document the presence of members of a tribal group on the land concerned.

With the ‘Man of the Hole’ dead, indigenous rights groups have demanded permanent protection for the Tanaru reserve.

There are about 240 indigenous peoples in Brazil, and many are threatened by encroachment on their territories by illegal miners, loggers and farmers, the rights group Survival International warns.

The dangers facing Brazil’s indigenous peoples were recently highlighted when activist Txai Surui received death threats after delivering an impassioned speech at the opening ceremony of the COP26 global climate summit in Glasgow.

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Amazon tribal man who lived alone for 26 years dies

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