“Didn’t know it would cause me trouble” – Ranveer Singh on nude photos


‘I didn’t know that my nude photos would cause me so much trouble’, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh explained to the police department.

Recently, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh shared his nude photos on social media. Ranveer had said that he would submit the photos to pop culture icon and actor Burt Reynolds. These photos of Ranveer Singh have been welcomed by his fans on one hand but on the other hand have sparked controversy and debates.

He said then, ‘I will not hesitate to be naked in front of a thousand people. But the truth is that those in front of me feel uncomfortable.’

Subsequently, a case was filed against Ranveer Singh on behalf of an NGO for publishing nude photos. In this situation, actor Ranveer Singh has been summoned to appear at the police station and give an explanation in person for sharing such nude photos. Accepting this, actor Ranveer Singh appeared at Chembur Police Station yesterday and gave an explanation.

He was interrogated for more than two hours as to what was the purpose of taking such nude photographs. It has been reported that Ranveer Singh told the police that ‘I did not know that my nude photos would cause me such a big problem’.

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