Why not continue acting in Hindi? – Explanation by Ramya Krishnan


Ramya Krishnan, who is acting in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films, has also acted in a few films in Hindi. Vinod Khanna’s ’Parambara’, Shah Rukh Khan’s ’Jagat’, Govinda’s ’Banarasi Babu’, ’Pade Miyan Chote Miyan’with Amitabh. He has acted in some Hindi films including He has now acted in the film ‘Liger’ and has revealed why he is not acting in Bollywood films.

She said: Even though I was a leading actress in Tamil and Telugu, I did not get a big reception in Hindi cinema. The films I acted in did not run. I don’t have the guts to leave South Indian cinema and fight in Bollywood completely. To act in more films in a field, success is essential. In Hindi unfortunately that didn’t happen for me.

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