Extreme war tension- US, China warships blockade in Taiwan Strait!



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Updated: Monday, August 29, 2022, 7:50 [IST]

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Taipei: US and Chinese warships are stationed in the Taiwan Strait, creating heightened war tensions in the region.

Taiwan calls itself the real China. But China says Taiwan is a part of their country. Even in the 1970s, Taiwan was recognized as the real China in international affairs. After that the international political situation changed.

China Opposes US warships sail through Taiwan strait

For China, it advocates the one-China theory. China’s position is that Taiwan is also a part of their country. But the countries of the world are refusing to accept this. As a result, there is confusion in international politics regarding Taiwan.

In this case, the representative of the United States, Nancy Pelosi, had suddenly traveled to Taiwan. China strongly opposed this. China has condemned the United States as it is against the one-China principle accepted by the world. Also, China threatened by carrying out very serious war exercises in the Taiwan Strait. Chinese warships and warplanes were involved in this war exercise. Long-range missiles were also used.

Currently 160 km. The wide Taiwan Strait is turning into a battleground. US and China warships are stationed in the Taiwan Strait. The United States calls this routine action. In this regard, the United States Navy issued a statement saying that freedom of movement in international waters should be ensured. Therefore, the USS carrying the missiles of the United States. Antidam, USS He said that the battleships Chancellorsville passed through the Taiwan Strait.

But China says that they are monitoring the traffic of US warships.

Meanwhile, the Taiwan government has again publicly accused China of continuing military exercises with the intention of invading their country.

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English summary

China had opposed that the two US warships sail through the Taiwan strait.

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