Why Rahul Gandhi does not want to return to Congress as the leader?



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Why Rahul Gandhi does not want to be Congress leader?

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Why Rahul Gandhi does not want to be Congress leader?

Since 2019, the search for a new leader of the Congress party has been going on.

But this year at a ‘think tank’ in Udaipur, it was decided to complete the process of electing the party’s new president by September.

Although the time for this is approaching, the search for a new leader of the Congress party does not seem to be over.

Rajasthan Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Ashok Khelat said in Jaipur on Monday, “Congress workers across the country will be disappointed if Rahul Gandhi does not become party president. Rahul Gandhi should understand the sentiments of lakhs of workers and accept the post of president.” said.

It is clear that most of the Congress Party workers have Rahul Gandhi’s name in mind for the post of President and Rahul Gandhi is not ready to accept the post of President.

A question has arisen as to why Rahul Gandhi is reluctant to accept the post of President in such a situation.

Senior journalists who closely observe Congress politics feel that there are many reasons behind Rahul Gandhi’s reluctance.

Aurangzeb Naqshbandi, a veteran journalist who has covered the Congress party for years, says we need to look at some history and some current events to understand Rahul’s reluctance.

What happened in 2019?

Taking responsibility for the party’s defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi resigned as party president.

He then tweeted a four-page letter. He mentioned some problems in it.

Aurangzeb says that the letter listed the reasons for resigning as party president and mentioned some important points.

For example, in that letter, he had written at one place that the problem of expansion of the party should be fixed in order to lose the Lok Sabha elections. “Many people are responsible for this. But when I am the leader, I have to take responsibility. I should not put that responsibility on others. That would not be right.” said.

“After he resigned, it was clear that he wanted many of those responsible for the failure to resign. But apart from him, no other senior leaders in the Congress party resigned,” says Aurangzeb.

In the letter, Rahul would have said that he personally fought directly with the Prime Minister, RSS and all related organizations with all his efforts.

Regarding this, Aurangzeb said, “The way Rahul Gandhi raised the Rafale scam issue and the way he made ‘Chowkitar Chor Hai’ an issue in the election, he did not get the support of any senior party leader.

It seems the matter is still on his mind. Rahul Gandhi does not want to lead a party with such leaders who do not even realize their responsibility. That’s why hesitance,” he says.

Nature of Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi wants to stay in office. But some experts believe that he refuses to accept responsibility. One of them is veteran journalist Smita Gupta.

Talking to BBC Hindi, he said, “His political career started in 2004. That year he won the Amethi parliamentary seat and came to the Lok Sabha. Since then there was talk that he would become the leader of the party. But he never did. He became the vice president of the party in 2013. He assumed the post of president in 2017 and 2019. He left the post in the year.

Even when Manmohan Singh took over as Prime Minister in 2004, there were obvious opportunities to give him a ministerial position in a ministry. But he didn’t accept that either.

Such things tell about his character. Officially he is reluctant to accept responsibilities. That’s his nature.”

Important decisions taken by the party

Smita also makes another important point.

As far as he is concerned, “Rahul has been taking important decisions of the party since 2019 after resigning as party chief. By taking important decisions of the party, it is clear that he feels that he should have a role in the party”.

If Smita is anything to go by, even if Rahul is not the party leader, he wants to lead the party from behind.

He said, “Rahul Gandhi has been in key positions of the party since his days as vice-president. He has been saying for years that he wants to strengthen the party. But he is committed to taking the party forward.

But he lacked the hard work and dedication required to take him to such heights. He says that they could not carry any thought to the end.

Rahul Gandhi


Rahul Gandhi

A party leader outside the Gandhi family

Rahul Gandhi, who resigned from the post of president, wanted to decide the next president of the Congress party through elections. That is why no name has been proposed for this post, he wrote.

His intention was that a non-Gandhi family member should become party leader.

Since his letter in 2019, Rahul Gandhi has not yet changed his stance on the Congress president post. At least there is no public statement about it.

Thus, if Rahul Gandhi assumes the post of president again, there will be a difference between his words and actions.

Be that as it may, from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to senior leaders of the BJP, the Congress party is being accused of family politics. This time from the Red Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again called the Congress party a family politics party. By assuming the post of Congress president, Rahul Gandhi does not want to take the issue back into BJP’s hands.

Meaning of Ashok Khelat’s speech

But on Monday, the question of making someone who is not a member of the Gandhi family as the Congress president, why the controversy about making someone who is a member of the Gandhi family or not? For 32 years, no one from this family became a Prime Minister, Chief Minister or Minister. Then why is Motiji afraid of this family?

Rahul Gandhi - Congress Party

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Rahul Gandhi – Congress Party

In his speech, he mentioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s allegation of family politics.

Smita Gupta said, “Rahul Gandhi should take the post of president again, and Ashok Khelat’s statement about it is also important.

Now there is no one to challenge Rahul Gandhi for the post of Congress president.

Now is the right time to make Rahul the leader. The G23 (Congress party group of 23 senior leaders) seems to be slowly disintegrating. Many leaders from this group left the party. Anand Sharma and Ghulam Nabi Azad’s displeasure is palpable.

The G23 group wanted whoever assumed the role of party leader to hold the position full-time. Wanted not to take part time. Its view is that the acting leader should not be one and the real leader another.

“The manner in which the two senior leaders were tried in the National Herald case, at such a time, without a member of the Gandhi family at the helm of the party could put them in a very dangerous situation,” Smita said.


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