“Thought to publish live on OTD” – Shahid shares his experience of ‘Jersey’ failure


“The image of Jersey is very close to my heart. I thought the film could have been released in OTT,” said Shahid Kapoor about the failure of Jersey.

Sports drama genre film ‘Jersey’ starring Nani in Telugu has been remade in Hindi with the same name. Shahid Kapoor, Mirlan Thakur and others acted in this film. Directed by Gautam Dinnoori, the film was produced by Dil Raju. The film was released on April 22. It was during the release of Vijay’s ‘Beast’ and Yash’s ‘KGF2’. Although ‘Jersey’ was released only 10 days after the release of these films, the film was a flop. With a budget of Rs.80 crore, the film did not earn even Rs.30 crore.

In this case, Shahid Kapoor, who spoke about the failure of ‘Jersey’ on Koffee with Karan, said, “We planned to release it on December 31 last year. But we could not release the film as Delhi was under lockdown due to the spread of Corona virus. We have printed and advertised the December issue in all. But the film was not released.

Not only is Jersey a film close to my heart, I also connected emotionally with the character. The father-son relationship in the film touched me personally. Also, both my director and producer Aman and Gautham were very keen for the film to hit the big screen.

As the film was not released in December, I thought I would release it directly in OTT. Because it’s very difficult to build hype about a film over and over again. But unfortunately we had no choice but to release the film in April. Because the audience was in a different mindset, watching certain types of cinema that came out at that time.

So it hasn’t been a great month for us. However we have changed the date several times. We released it with confidence because we can’t do that again. But, that didn’t happen. I think we probably didn’t do the right thing in this case. The film could have been saved,” he said.

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