Ligar Review: Under the hero even the opponent can escape. by U.S..?


‘Liger’ is the struggle of a son trying to win the championship that his father missed. Vijay Devarakonda leaves his hometown and comes to Mumbai with the aim of winning the champion title in mixed martial arts. There he runs a roadside tea shop along with his mother Ramyakrishnan. Ananya Pandey interferes in the life of Vijay Devarakonda who meets a famous trainer in martial arts and finally wins the title? Isn’t it? (Did he kill the audience?) is the rest of the screenplay of the film.

Vijay Devarakonda as Ligar. His work for the film splashes across the screen as he slurs, threatens with a six pack, and thrashes his opponents in the ring with a frenzy. He is the only strength of the film. Even the director is not ready to share his burden of carrying the entire film. In the words of 2K Kids, Ananya Pandey’s performance as ‘Crinju’ heroine warms us beyond the AC in the theatre. Director Puri Jagannath is angry with him and the bad writing has ruined the entire character.

Ramya Krishnan does a good job in some scenes in the beginning, but throughout the film she screams with unnecessary emotion. Ronit Roy’s character, who comes as a coach, is comforting. It is painful that the world famous American boxer Mike Tyson is calling Vijay Devarakonda like a junior artist.

Purijaganath has made a video mashup of ‘Ligar’ instead of making it as a film. A fight scene in the beginning, then the intro song for the heroine, love, and again a duet, everything is cut and edited. The film has to face a lot of trials like a villain by name, a heroine who falls in love when she sees him, a screenplay that moves aimlessly, despite all this, the songs that come and harass often.

The major problem with the film is that it moves without doing the slightest justice to the story it has taken. When the martial art championship is the story, without telling any details about it, without recording its twists and turns, without any interest, the hero advances through successive rounds, ‘Isn’t it a sin if you look at us, director?’ Makes you ask. Even Vijay Devarakonda stops hitting his opponent at some point by seeing sin. But director Puri Jagannath..?

The hero beats everyone without any rigorous training. Especially the mother’s mantra to make her son Vijay Devarakonda succeed! Despite all this, they have directed it as a masculinist cinema with complete misogyny. Ananya Pandey has come and given his head for it. The director has solved his masculinity by designing bad female characters. At some point, when they thought that nothing was going to be okay, they took up patriotism. But in the end it is a pity that it has also slipped away!

Cinematography by Vishnu Sharma our eyes escape. The director may have given half the effort he has given for the scenes in the story. Sunil Kashyap’s background score is not very impressive. Mike Tyson’s dumbing down in the final scene is a real pain for his fans.

In one scene, Vijay Devarakonda strangles his opponent by the neck. But the opponent can easily give up and escape. But we who are watching the film do not get any such opportunity.

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