Family burns young girl alive for Rs 4 lakh dowry.. Panic in Mayiladuthurai



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Published: Thursday, August 25, 2022, 12:50 [IST]

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Mayiladuthurai: Rs. The incident of burning a young woman alive by the groom’s family for a dowry of 4 lakhs has created a stir in Mayiladuthurai.

No matter how much civilization and culture have improved, some people still have many low-level customs. The most important one is dowry. The dowry practice of negotiating the marriage bond like a bazaar trade, still continues in our country. Many families are being destroyed by the practice of taking dowry according to their merit without any distinction between rich and poor. At times, excessive greed and dowry turn into cruelty and lead to incidents like suicide and murder. Such an unfortunate incident is taking place in Mayiladuthurai.

Newly Married Woman Burnt To Death Over Dowry Issue In Mayiladuthurai

Karthik (29), son of Mohana Sundaram and Usha Rani, a resident of Karaimedu village in Mayiladuthurai district. He and Darshika (23), daughter of Mayakrishnan-Jegathampal couple from Melamathur village, got married last February. It seems that during the marriage, items worth Rs.15 lakh were given as dowry by the girl’s family.

Meanwhile, after two months of marriage, Karthik has often argued with his wife asking him to buy Rs 4 lakh more as he is going to work on a contract basis. Due to this, Darshika went to her mother’s house because of this. Later, after the village elders called the two families and pacified them, Darshika went back to her husband’s house on June 5.

In this case, on June 30, Darshika’s parents were informed from Karthik’s house that boiling hot water had been poured on her body. Shocked by this, when they went there, they found that Darshika had burns all over her body. Following this, his parents admitted him to the Raja Muthiya Government Hospital there. Darshika, who was undergoing treatment in the ICU, died on the 23rd without treatment. A case of suspicious death has been registered at Kollidam police station.

However, her family complained to Chidambaram Kotaksyar Ravi that her husband Karthik and her parents bullied Darshika for dowry and set her on fire by pouring kerosene. Moreover, they have handed over the letter written by Darshika in this regard and the video statement to Kotatchiar while undergoing treatment in the hospital. Subsequently, Kotaksyar went to Ravi Hospital and conducted an investigation. Kotaksiar Ravi said that it was not kerosene or petrol that was poured on Darshika’s body, but some other strong liquid was poured on her and set on fire. So he has ordered Darshika’s body to be sent for post-mortem to Villupuram Mundyambakkam Government Hospital to find out what liquid it is. He said the next course of action would be decided after the post-mortem report.

The incident where a young woman was burnt to death due to dowry within 5 months of her marriage has created a stir in Mayiladuthurai.

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Newly married woman burnt to death over dowry issue In Mayiladuthurai

Story first published: Thursday, August 25, 2022, 12:50 [IST]

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