The film ‘Kidugu – Gangs of Gangs’ should be banned – Dravidar Vimithya Kazhagam complains


Chennai: A complaint has been filed on behalf of the Dravidar Vimithyam Kazhagam to the Chennai Police Commissioner demanding a ban on the film ‘Kitugu – Sanghinu Kootam’.

Produced by Chennai filmmaker Ramalakshmi and directed by Veera Murugan, the film “Kiduku-Shanginurna Kootam” is being produced. The preview of this movie was released on the internet a few days ago. Periyar and the DMK government have been portrayed defamingly in the movie previews.

The Dravidian Liberation Organization filed a complaint at the Chennai Police Commissioner’s office in Vepperi demanding that this film be banned and that it will cause many problems in Tamil Nadu.

Later, Umapathi, the Chennai district secretary of the Dravida Liberation Kazhagam, told reporters: In the previews of the movie ‘Kiduku – Sanghinuru Kutam’, the director has defamed the DMK government and Father Periyar in many places.

If this movie is released, there will be caste and religious conflicts in Tamil Nadu and peace will be disturbed. So this movie should be banned. We have also filed a complaint against the film’s producer Ramalakshmi and director Veera Murugan,” he said.

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