“Let’s appeal and meet legally” – Director Lingusamy on jail sentence


Saidapet Court sentenced director Lingusamy to 6 months imprisonment in the check fraud case of PVP Capitals Finance Company in the matter of non-repayment of the loan received for the film “Enni Yehu Naan”. In this situation, on the part of Lingusamy, an explanation has been given for this.

In a statement issued in this regard, Lingusamy said, “It is my duty to give a self-explanation to the news about me. This case is between PVP Capitals and Tirupati Brothers. The Supreme Court has given a verdict in the case brought by them. We are going to appeal this case immediately and face it legally.”

Background of the case:

In 2014, director Lingusamy’s production company Tirupati Brothers received Rs 1 crore 3 lakh from PVP Capitals for the production of the film “Enni Yehu Naan” starring actor Karthi and actress Samantha.

This loan was not repaid. Following this, PVP Capitals filed a case in the Madras High Court. The High Court heard the case and ordered director Lingusamy to repay the loan received from PVP.

Following this order, Director Lingusamy issued checks for Rs.1 crore 3 lakhs to PVP Capitals. These checks bounced with insufficient funds in the bank. Subsequently, the PVP company filed a check fraud case against the director Lingusamy and his brothers in the Saidapet court. The Saithappet court, which heard the case, sentenced director Lingusamy to 6 months imprisonment in the check fraud case.

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