Happy if Thiruma dies in his lap.. Nellai Kannan’s last wish.. Thirumavalavan went to pay his last respects!



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Published: Saturday, August 20, 2022, 8:53 [IST]

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Nellai: While ‘Tamilkadal’ Nellai Kannan had said on a stage last year that ‘If Thiruma passes away in his lap, that will be my pride’, Vishika leader Thirumavalavan took part in Nellai Kannan’s funeral.

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Death of Nellai Kannan – Tamil Nadu in deep sorrow

Respecting the speech given by Nellai Kannan during her childhood, Vishika President Thirumavalavan participated in the funeral event of Nellai Kannan and paid tribute to everyone.

Tamil literature speaker, bar referee and writer ‘Tamilkadal’ Nellai Kannan (77) passed away yesterday.

The Tamil sea wave calmed down..Nellai Kannan's body was cremated..Literature tearful tributes The Tamil sea wave calmed down..Nellai Kannan’s body was cremated..Literature tearful tributes

Nellai Kannan passed away

Nellai Kannan passed away

Nellai Kannan died of old age at his residence in Tirunelveli. Nellai Kannan has been speaking on platforms since 1970. Nellie Kannan, who was very fond of Kamaraj, worked with him in the Congress. He contested against Karunanidhi from Chepauk constituency. Many Tamil scholars and political personalities expressed their condolences on his death as a political personality and Tamil scholar. Nellai Kannan’s body was cremated yesterday afternoon after paying last respects.

  The last tribute was paid by Mr

The last tribute was paid by Mr

The leader of the Liberation Tigers of India and Member of Parliament Thol Thirumavalavan attended the funeral ceremony of Nellie Kannan. Then, Nellai consoled Kannan’s family. Nellai Kannan’s death is a loss for the Tamil community, but it is a great loss for me personally; I consider myself lost. There is no personality that Nellai Kannan has not met in the political arena. Thirumavalavan said that the loss of Nellai Kannan is a great loss to the literary community of Tamil.

On the stage of curiosity

On the stage of curiosity

Nellai Kannan was given the ‘Kamarasar Kathir’ award at the Vishika award ceremony held in Chennai last year. Congress leader Nellai Kannan, who participated in the award ceremony, spoke in the presence of Chief Minister M. K. Stalin. Nellai Kannan spoke to Stalin and Thirumavalavan.

If you hide in Thiruma's lap, you will be proud

If you hide in Thiruma’s lap, you will be proud

Then, “All the leaders who used me all these years insulted me without any intention of respecting me. I will be happy even if my brother who respects me and respects me dies in Thiruma’s lap. If I die on Thiruma’s platform, I will die in Thiruma’s lap myself. That is my pride. From now on, Thiruma will be my protector till my last breath. .” He was talking.

My condolences

My condolences

In Thirumavalavan’s condolence report, the chief minister appealed to Stalin, “Don’t leave brother Thirumavalavan; hold him tight.” I realized that he had faith in me more than he had that much affection.” He said warmly. After that, going to Nellie in person and paying his last respects has made everyone emotional.

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While ‘Tamil kadal’ Nellai Kannan had said last year that ‘If passes away in Thirumavalavan’s lap, that would be my pride’, VCK president Thirumavalavan attended Nellai Kannan’s funeral.

Story first published: Saturday, August 20, 2022, 8:53 [IST]

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