Jharkhand court sentences 15 jail inmates to death for killing fellow inmate



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Updated: Friday, August 19, 2022, 18:03 [IST]

The court sentenced 15 people to be hanged for killing a fellow prisoner

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The court sentenced 15 people to be hanged for killing a fellow prisoner

(We are compiling some important news published today (19/08/2022) in today’s newspapers and websites.)

In the case of the death of an inmate in a clash between prisoners in a state prison in Jharkhand, the Jharkhand state court has sentenced 15 people who were in the jail along with the slain person to death.

The Additional District Judicial Jury has sentenced 15 people to death in the case of the murder of Manoj Kumar Singh on June 25, 2019, in Jamshedpur Jail under the East Singhbum district of Jharkhand.

In the news about it, “Kagiri Central Jail is located in Jamshedpur under East Singhbum district of Jharkhand. A large number of prisoners are kept here. A clash between the prisoners took place in this jail on June 25, 2019.

They split into two factions and attacked each other fiercely. In this, 2 people including a prisoner named Manoj Kumar Singh were seriously injured. Manoj Kumar Singh died on the way to the hospital.

A case has been registered against more than 20 people in connection with this horrific incident. Charges were filed under various sections including murder, criminal conspiracy and attempt to murder. The case was being heard in the District Additional Magistrate. Judge Rajendra Kumar Sinha gave the verdict yesterday after the trial of the case was over.

15 convicts were sentenced to death. In his order, the judge also sentenced 7 people to 10 years in prison. 2 of those sentenced to death are absconding. The news said that the judge ordered to arrest them immediately and produce them in court.

Due to facial disfigurement For discrimination Inner student

An Avadi girl with Parry-Ramberg syndrome, a rare disease that causes disfigurement of the skin and soft tissues of the face, was subjected to discrimination after the intervention of the Tiruvallur district administration to undergo facial reconstruction surgery, The New Indian Express reported.

A nine-year-old girl has sought help from the government through the media, claiming she was discriminated against by teachers and classmates because of her facial disfigurement.

Little girl - portrait.

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Little girl – portrait.

He said that his classmates did not play with him and even the teachers treated him differently because of his appearance and even avoided touching the things he touched without cleaning them. After examining his medical records, the Tiruvallur district administration held talks with Chennai Medical College and a private medical college. Both were willing to undergo reconstructive surgery free of charge.

“We have sought the decision of the parents. Once they respond, we will guide them. From her medical records, we know that the surgery will not cause any complications,” said Tiruvallur Collector Albi John, who met the girl and her family. Barry-Ramberg syndrome is rare. It affects one in seven lakh people.

Spreading false information about IndiaThirsty 8 YouTube channels banned

The Hindu Tamil Vektik Daily reported that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has banned 8 YouTube channels for spreading false information about India’s national security, foreign relations and disturbing public order.

In a press release issued by the central government, “The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued orders on August 16 to ban 8 YouTube channels, 1 Facebook account and 2 Facebook accounts in 2021 using the Communications Act. The banned YouTube channels have a total of more than 114 million viewers.” It was reported that

8 YouTube channels banned for spreading misinformation about India

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8 YouTube channels banned for spreading misinformation about India

Further, “on these particular YouTube channels, contrary to religious harmony in India, false information about rights was uploaded in a manner that incites hatred. The news that the Indian government has ordered the demolition of religious structures and that the Indian government has banned the celebration of religious festivals and declared a religious war has incited religious riots in the country and public order. The government has said that they are disruptive.

“These YouTube channels have also uploaded various false information about Jammu and Kashmir. These information related to national security, foreign friendship have a completely wrong perspective. These channels, which have been banned by the Ministry of Communication, are detrimental to Indian sovereignty, integrity, security, friendship with foreign countries and public peace of the country. have been found to be effective.

These banned YouTube channels were also found using fake and sensational thumbnails, images of news anchors, logos of some news channels to mislead viewers. All of them featured videos with content that was detrimental to religious harmony, friendship with foreign countries and public peace.

“The Government of India is committed to ensuring a truly reliable, robust and secure cyber environment and to defeat any attempt to undermine Indian sovereignty, integrity, security and public order,” the government statement said.

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