Spy ship in Sri Lanka- no country affected- other countries should not interfere: China warning



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Published: Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 10:11 [IST]

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Beijing: No country is affected by their country’s Yuan Wang-5 ship anchored in Sri Lanka; The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has warned that other countries should not interfere in this matter.

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China’s Yuan Wang-5 is a satellite observation vessel. Therefore, it is Sri Lanka and China’s opinion that this ship with various sophisticated equipment including radar has come to Ambantota port in Sri Lanka to refuel.

But China’s Yuan Wang-5 is a spy ship. Ambantota port is just 150 km from Tamil Nadu where the southern border of India begins. China’s spy ship can spy up to a distance of about 750 km. It is India’s opinion that this spy ship has modern equipment for that purpose.

Srilanka: Spy ship does not affect any country, says China

China’s spy ship can easily monitor security critical locations in South India; In particular, it is being suggested that China can spy on Odisha’s missile base, Tamil Nadu’s nuclear power plants from this ship. This is why India should never allow China’s Yuanwang-5 ship into Sri Lanka.

Despite that, Sri Lanka has given permission to China. China’s Yuanwang-5 spy ship is currently docked at Ambantota port in Sri Lanka. In this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that the sea exploration program of the Yuan Wang-5 probe is in accordance with international law and international practices. At the same time, the voyage of the Yuan Wang-5 will not affect the security and economic interests of any country. Also, other countries should not interfere in this event.

China’s ambassador to Sri Lanka, Xi Zhenhong, said it was normal for such research vessels to visit Sri Lanka. Even in 2014, such a ship was sent to Sri Lanka. He said there was no motive or conspiracy in sending this research vessel.

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English summary

China has said that their ship docking at Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port does not affect any country.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 10:11 [IST]

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