Danger.. Why is the Chinese spy ship that came to Sri Lanka causing trouble to India? Top 4 reasons



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Updated: Tuesday, August 16, 2022, 17:06 [IST]

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China’s spy ship ‘Yuang Wang 5’ has arrived in Sri Lanka despite India’s strong opposition, which has caused a stir.

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India took stateful steps to prevent this spy ship from reaching Sri Lanka. India is giving excessive assistance to Sri Lanka which is in economic crisis. Therefore, all countries expected that Sri Lanka would understand India’s concern regarding the Chinese spy ship and stop its arrival. However, Sri Lanka bowed to the severe pressure given by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The spy ship ‘Yuang Wang 5’ arrived at the country’s Ampandota port today. It has been reported that the ship will be stopped till the 22nd.

Why India Concerns Over Chinese Spy Ship in Sri Lankan Port?

Well.. Many may wonder why India should worry about the Chinese ship coming to Sri Lanka. Here are the reasons why.

1. China’s Yuan Wang, which has now arrived at Sri Lanka’s Ampandota port, is basically a spy ship. The ship has very powerful sophisticated sensors. These sensors will detect missile tests by India. Also, the Chinese spy ship will also gather information about what kind of missiles they are and what technology they have.

By knowing this, China may develop technology to disable missiles used by India. Perhaps, in the event of a war between India and China, there is a chance that China will use this information to its advantage.

2. This spy ship is capable of finding out the depth of the oceans, density of water, whether submarines can be operated there. China is already dominating various parts of the Indian Ocean despite the opposition of countries including India and the United States. India fears that if the ship is stationed in the Indian Ocean region near India, there is a possibility of China establishing its dominance here in the future as well.

3. Ampandota Port is located at the southern tip of Sri Lanka. Near the junction of Europe and Asia, shipping traffic is always high in this region. Therefore, there are also opportunities for the Yuan Wang spy ship to spy on other country ships that may be in the area.

The spy ship is equipped with modern warfare technology called ‘Electronic Warfare’. When waging war on a country, it is customary to first disable their Internet and communications technologies. This spy ship has all the modern equipment required for that.
Six bases belonging to the Indian Navy are located near Ampandota. What technologies are there, how many fighter planes, warships, radars are there. The ship is also likely to gather information about its capabilities.

4. On top of all this, China has acquired Sri Lanka’s Ampandota port on a 99-year lease. China has bought this port in exchange for crores of loans received by Sri Lanka. According to this, China can control this port for 99 years. China can even build a naval base there. If that happens, it will be a serious threat to India’s security. China, which is already clashing with India over the Ladakh border issue, will question the security of the southern parts of India if China sets up a naval base in Ampantota.

It is for such reasons that India does not want a Chinese spy ship to visit Sri Lanka.

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India Concerns Over Chinese Spy Ship as it has many sensors which can obtain India’s missile technology.

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