Lal Singh Chadha Review: Earthly adaptation of a classic won hearts?


‘Lal Singh Satta’ is a collection of incidents from different periods in the life of a true noble who follows his heart.

The white wing falls on the feet of Lal Singh Sadha (Aamir Khan) floating in the air, swaying and swaying over the neglect of many, swayed by the melodious music. His life is like that white wing. Something begins at an unfamiliar point, travels along aimless paths through many omissions, and finally arrives at a destination.

Lal’s world is occupied by just four people. ‘Lal Singh Satta’ is a film that takes us by the hand into that world full of love, kindness, affection, longing, disappointment and pain and tells a beautiful story of the events that happen in different periods of his life. The official Indian adaptation of the acclaimed Hollywood classic ‘Forrest Gump’.

Initially, the announcement that ‘First Gum’ was being remade might have been a bit of a disappointment to die-hard fans of the film. The reason is that remakes are often threatened by inappropriate language. But even though this film is said to be a remake, some scenes and screenplay have been changed to suit the terrain where necessary. It is special that those changes did not affect the film.

Above all else, Aamir Khan has found that featherweight that floated out of Hollywood. The life of the film is its protagonist. Aamir Khan has perfected it with his innocent facial expression, childish body language, and laughter of ‘Lal Singh Satta’ character. Especially the hard work he has put in for the film by losing and gaining weight as appropriate for the respective periods is commendable. PK is like Forrest Gump.

Both Kareena Kapoor and Mona Singh’s performances add elegance to the scenes. Although Naga Chaitanya has been around for a while, he has been putting in extra effort for acting. But extra care could have been taken while setting the ambition for the South Indian character Naga Chaitanya. It is initially approached with humor. Shah Rukh Khan’s special look draws applause. Manav Vij who plays the Lt General gives a compelling performance.

Atul Kulkarni has written the screenplay and Advait Chandan has directed the film. For those who have seen the movie ‘Forrest Gump’, the scene where the story starts on the train is a bit disappointing. It evokes the feeling of Vijay telling the story in ‘Tullatha Manamum Thullum’. Beyond that, there are some surprises with minor changes.

Panipuri is presented here instead of chocolate. The accompanying line, ‘Enga Amma Kolluvanga Panipuri Chapta Vaiyaru Lamtum Manasu Lamadatu’, takes revenge of the poignant line written in the movie Forrest Gump (Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.) focusing on life.

Besides, sensitive historical events like ‘Operation Blue Star’, ‘Emergency’, ‘Kargil War’, ‘Ratha Yatrai’ have been carefully handled. Especially the verse that compares religious conflicts and violence to a life-killing virus gets attention. On the other hand, the way the Muslim character is portrayed is somewhat confusing. The verse ‘When God says one thing, the one who says it says something else’ comes across emphatically.

Love scenes come alive as the chemistry between Aamir Khan and Kareena matches. The song added in the last half hour could have used the trim tool only on the patiently moving scenes.

Technological sophistication like cinematography, VFX has helped the audience to have a better visual experience. Pritham’s Pinnani music melts into the ears in emotional scenes.

Overall, although there are some flaws in the adaptation of a classic cinema without disturbing it in a big way, ‘Lal Singh Satta’ did not fail to impress the audience as a white wing.

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