Complaint of former police officer assaulting petitioner to ‘remove’ Shiva temple in Coimbatore



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In the dispute over the demolition of the Shiva temple on Avinasi Road in Coimbatore, a complaint has been filed that a former police officer threatened the plaintiff to remove the encroachment.

Sreedharan is a resident of Goldwins area of ​​Coimbatore district. He has complained to Tamil Nadu Police DGP Shailendra Babu that retired Deputy Superintendent of Police Palaniswami assaulted him and threatened him by showing his influence in the police.

Swayambu Thambiran Swami temple is located on the road from Coimbatore Avinasi Road Goldwins to Veeriyampalayam. Both Sridharan and Palaniswami live in the same area.

On the morning of August 4, there was a commotion after the news spread that the municipal officials had come to demolish the Swayambu Thambiran Sami temple. People of the village, Bharatiya Janata Party and Hindu leaders gathered there in large numbers.

But the corporation informed that the encroachments are being removed only on the basis of the court order. As the temple management requested that they would appeal, the corporation administration temporarily suspended the encroachment removal work by giving some time.

Sridharan’s Aishwarya Residency is located near the Suyambu Thambiran Swamy Temple. He has filed a case in the court to remove all the encroachments on the Goldwins – Viriyampalayam road.

In this situation, I went to photograph the encroachment and demolition activities that were being carried out there after the municipal authorities had dispersed on 4th August. Sreedharan has complained that the then retired Deputy Superintendent of Police Palaniswami along with many others assaulted me. He has also released the CCTV footage related to it as evidence.




Speaking to BBC Tamil, Sreedharan said, “Retired Superintendent of Police Palaniswami is in charge of the temple committee. On the day of the incident, I had gone to take photographs of the temple to submit evidence in the court. Then Palaniswami, Manohar and some others chased me inside the house and assaulted me severely. They also took away my cell phone. .” said.

“You will not survive, you will not be able to live in this town with your family, I will use my influence with the police to file a false case against you and destroy you,” he threatened.

“It was clearly recorded on the CCTV camera in my building that they chased me and assaulted me and took away my cell phone. I have lodged a complaint with the Director of Police with complete evidence,” he added.




“The occupiers spread false news to save their occupied property and incited the public, BJP and Hindu front organizations to join the protests in the name of religion. Appropriate action should be taken as a single former police officer acted in violation of the High Court’s order instead of implementing the judgment,” he said.

While talking to BBC Tamil about these allegations, retired Deputy Superintendent of Police Palaniswami said, “There is no truth in the allegations that I assaulted. Sreedharan, who had filed a case against the temple, entered the temple that day to take a video. The temple was already tense due to the removal of the temple. So you should not enter the temple in this situation. “But he tried to come inside under the influence of alcohol. He didn’t listen to what we said. That’s why we sent him inside the house. Otherwise, we didn’t assault him or take away his cell phone as stated in the complaint.”

What happened on August 4?

In the early hours of August 4th, news started spreading that the corporation officials were going to demolish the temple with the help of the police. Corporation officials had demolished only a portion of the temple perimeter wall with JCP machine.

People from the area, members of Hindu Front and Bharatiya Janata Party gathered in large numbers to protest against this. The police were also deployed in large numbers to quell the tension.

The corporation had informed that action was taken against the temple based on the High Court order.

In this situation, the removal process was temporarily stopped by the Corporation as it was informed that they would like to appeal in the High Court on behalf of the temple administration and that they need some time.

While part of the temple’s perimeter wall has been removed, a false report has spread on social media that the temple has been demolished.

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