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Updated: Thursday, August 11, 2022, 18:04 [IST]

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At the recently concluded 22nd Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, India finished fourth in the medal tally with 61 medals. India, which was at the bottom of the medal list, came to the fourth place thanks to the Modi-led BJP. Tamil Nadu BJP says the government is responsible. Is this true?

The 22nd Commonwealth Games have recently concluded in Birmingham, England. The matches started on 28th July and ended on 8th August.

India won 22 gold medals, 16 silver medals and 23 bronze medals in these games, finishing fourth in the medal tally with a total of 61 medals. Australia, England and Canada were ahead of India in the medal list.

Leaders of various political parties and people in the government administration expressed their congratulations on the victory of the Indian players. In this situation, BJP’s state president Annamalai also issued a statement. In it, “It was a dream to have India’s name in the medal list of these games. Even though India won a medal or two, India was at the bottom of the medal list, but today’s ruling National Democratic Alliance government does not take the game as a game.

The country’s sports sector has been revamped due to the reforms brought about by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Unlike the previous Commonwealth Games in India, which were marred by political games, this time there was no political game, no politics in the game.

Under the leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party, under the leadership of the National Democratic Alliance, India has won a total of 61 medals, including 22 gold, 16 silver, and 23 bronze, and has placed 4th in the overall medal list due to the actions taken by the honorable Prime Minister of India on a merit-based basis. This feat has never been done before.”

While the Commonwealth Games started in 1930, India did not participate in that tournament. However, in 1934, British India participated in the tournament and won only one bronze medal. In 1938, 1950 and 1954 he did not win any medal. It won 3 medals in 1958, 10 medals in 1966, 12 medals in 1970, 15 medals each in 1974 and 1978 and 16 medals in 1982. India boycotted the 1986 tournament.

After this, in the 1990 tournament, it won 32 medals and finished fifth in the medal list. It won 24 medals in 1994 and 25 medals in 1998. At the 2002 tournament, it finished fourth with 69 medals. Australia, UK and Canada were above India then as it is now.

In the 2006 tournament as well, it won 49 medals and finished fourth. India got 22 gold medals then. In 2010, India hosted these competitions. India finished second in the medal tally with 101 medals at the event held in capital Delhi. India won 39 gold, 26 silver and 36 bronze medals that time. India’s personal record at the Commonwealth Games was achieved that year. Congress party was in power then.

After this, in 2014, the BJP India won just 64 medals at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games after coming to power and finished fifth. It finished third in 2018 with only 66 medals. In the ongoing tournament, it finished fourth with 61 medals.


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Similarly, the highest number of athletes participated in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. A total of 49 players participated. This time only 215 players participated in these matches on behalf of India.

So the claim that India was in the last few places in Commonwealth Games earlier is not correct. Since 1958, India’s medal tally in these games has been steadily increasing. Only in 1994 and 2006 did the number decrease from the previous year. In 2010, India reached a new peak by occupying the second position, and since 2014, India has been occupying the 5th, 3rd and 4th positions.

The Commonwealth Games are sporting events between former British colonies. Since 1930, these competitions have been held every 4 years. In 1942 and 1948, the tournament was not held due to World War II. So far 22 matches have been held. Known as the British Empire Games until 1950, the Games were later renamed the British Empire and Commonwealth Games. 1970, 74 were called the British Commonwealth Games. Since 1978, they have been called the Commonwealth Games.

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