‘Nee En Thangachi’ – Vadivelu photo with cleaner


Actor Vadivelu Pannari poses for a photo with cleaning staff at Mariamman temple. ‘You are like my younger sister’ he spoke to him with authority.

Actor Vadivelu is currently busy shooting. In that way, actor Vadivelu, who took part in the shooting in Mysore and left for Coimbatore by car, landed in Erode in between. He visited the Pannari Amman temple near Sathyamangalam in Erode district yesterday at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. He was welcomed by the temple administrators.

He went to the temple and had darshan of the Goddess. Then he left there and sat in the office in the temple. As soon as the devotees came to know about Vadivelu’s arrival, people surrounded him. Later, some took photos with him and some took selfies.

In this case, Vadivelu suddenly called a woman who was cleaning the temple. When the girl saw Vadivelu, she fell at his feet and received his blessings. Vadivelu immediately picked up the woman and wished her ‘good luck’. He continued to call the girl “Nee En Thangachi” and took a photo with her. The woman was moved as Vadivelu took a photo with her. After thanking everyone, he left there by car and went to Coimbatore.

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