Adipoli Fahad – A birthday wish with ‘Kumbalangi Nights’ visual experience


A true screen artist is the one who adapts himself fully into the respective character and commits himself to it. Looking at it like that, it is best to recognize and review on his birthday the performance of an artist who fully surrendered himself to the role given to him and further carved and refined the design for it. Accordingly, we will review the performance of actor Fahadh from the film ‘Kumbalangi Nights’.

The setting for that entire scene is a bathroom. Mostly close-up shots. Fahadh would have given life to the whole scene with his eyes with a smile while fixing his bushy moustache. It was his intro scene in ‘Kumplanky Nights’.

A shot of a leg, a shot of an arm, a close-up of an eye, and a shot of the leg, a shot of the arm, a close-up of the eyes, in a scene usually reserved for an important actor, will be whistled in the theater as the actor walks into the theater. But if an actor’s intro scene gets whistled for none of this, it’s Faqat for one.

A gruesome scene can easily portray someone as a negative / bad character. But Fahadh should have been portrayed like that in ‘Kumbalangi Nights’. But, no transgression of his was shown till then. But the scene after the intro should show Fahad as bad. In this context, the football of the boys playing nearby hits the bullet where Fahd is sitting. On one side is the boy who comes to pick up the ball, on the other side is Fahad’s wife, with Fahad in between. Beyond that scene, Fahadh’s facial expression captures beautifully that ‘something terrible’ is going to happen to us viewers.

In the next few minutes he would change from that facial expression and smile. He will also change the nature of the scene. Thus, Fahad is the artist who constructs a scene with his facial expressions. Especially in the same scene when the boy comes to pick up the ball, Fahad’s reaction with the roaring sound of the bullet is hilarious!

His scenes throughout the film give us some kind of tension. He would have threatened to such an extent that no one but him could have played that character so strongly. Especially in the scene where the elder sister and younger sister are talking in the kitchen, half of their body is visible with a kind of smile like ‘what’, the scene is ultimate!

He would not let go until they answered, ‘Dove’ and would ask with a smile. Not knowing how to respond to his reaction, he made the performance of those in front of him cringe.

Let’s leave everything. If you look at the climax scene of the film alone, Fahad, the monster artist, can be identified as Assault. He would have done it by overtaking everyone else. While talking, he suddenly got angry and stood in the corner. In the next shot, he puts his hand on his hip and says ‘Sleep’ with a kind of laugh.

to fight; But the character that has been carried so far should not be changed. With the same laugh, he would keep the audience entertained by saying ‘Shammy hero da… hero’ and then raising the hammer and showing off his game.

In the entire fight scene, Shobin Shair keeps himself noticed by passing Srinath Basi. The main reason for that is the pressure of acting beyond his character. In the end, they could not control Fahad and put a net not only on him but also on the acting.

‘Kumbalangi Nights’ is a padam like a pot of rice is a padam to a pot of rice. Happy birthday to Chetan who continues to surprise with his performance in every film!

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