Dare to Count: Screen Review


A gang leader operating from America (Suresh Subramaniam) conducts several diamond heists through Madan (Vamsi Krishna), a resident of Tamil Nadu. The next target of these 2 gangs is the multi-crore worth of diamonds in a jewelery shop owned by a state minister. On the day of the robbery, lovers Kadir (Jay) and Narmada (Atulya Ravi) visit the minister’s jewelery shop to buy jewelery for their wedding. When Narmada dies in the attack, Kathir becomes unstable. The story of the film ‘Ennith Dataka’ is about how Kathir hunted down the Andagakai gang so that the police could not catch the robbers.

Although it looks like a typical revenge story, director SK Vetichselvan has crafted the story by perfectly combining love and the world of crime.

The first half of the film would not have faltered if the hero Kathir refuses to accept the love he was looking for in college, then realizes the truth and tries to recover his lost love. A local robber stumbles after losing the stolen diamonds, a foreign robber comes without trusting him, and on the other hand, the minister also steps in to recover his diamonds. The second half of the screenplay flies in top gear in the quadrilateral movements of two robber gangs, a minister who stole from the people, and a lover who robbed the life of his girlfriend.

Jai transforms into a full-fledged action hero and shakes the bar. GN Murugan’s fight scenes lend a helping hand to that.

Adulya’s contribution in the film is limited but complete with a good acting, good Tamil accent and crawling with family style beauty. Anjali Nair and Vidya Pradeep stand on opposite poles and are fascinating. JP Dineshkumar’s cinematography maintains beauty in romantic scenes and mystery in thriller scenes. Sam CS songs are about variety, but he makes you sit in the background music.

Along with the problem of the hero, the screenplay also tries to address the problem of the villains. If the first half had dared to give the dynamism it got to the second half, the film would have shone as a commercial diamond.

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