“The genre of story writer in Tamil cinema is extinct” – Director Vasanthapalan Aadhangam


“The genre of story writer in Tamil cinema is extinct. Director Vasanthapalan said that the story writers should be encouraged. He has requested the producers.

Director Vasanthapalan, producer CV Kumar, cinematographer Wilson, actor MS Bhaskar and others participated in the short film award ceremony of ‘Mount Short Film Festival 2022’ and presented awards to the winners.

Director Vasantha Balan, who participated in the event, said, “I also got the opportunity to watch five short films that participated in this short film festival. In these five short films today’s youth have showcased their directing skills beautifully using technology. Technology doors are wide open for today’s creators. So you can easily film even a simple story.

Whereas Tamil cinema is still lagging behind in only one respect. It’s because we don’t have a lot of story writers, especially screenplay writers. If there is a decline in Tamil cinema, this is the reason. Hundreds of directors like you are coming. Karthik becomes Subbaraj and Ranjith. But writers never entered Tamil cinema.

Even among the awards given here now, not a single award has been given to the writer. The producers here should get the story from the story writers and then go in search of heroes. The directors here are incredibly talented. But there are no story writers in Tamil cinema to work with them.

Story writers are celebrated in the Malayalam screen world. After finalizing the story with the story writers there, they go in search of Mammootty and Mohanlal. Similarly, the producers here should celebrate the writers first.

Only directors come through the Directors of Tomorrow competition, writers and screenwriters do not come. Give writers awards at least next year.

A director can easily dream of making a film in single shot for the first time in India. But it was cinematographers like Wilson who made it possible. His success was the movie ‘Shadow of Night’. Technically speaking, Tamil cinema is at a great place. But a breed of storyteller has become extinct. At least one chair should have been given to the story writer on this stage.

When more scriptwriters and writers are produced with understanding of cinema, then all the films released will be successful. Celebrated by fans. Writing is sorely missing in these five films. As a director, there are no screenplay writers or screenplay doctors here to even check my script. Similarly, if someone becomes a writer, they become a director in the next film.

The reason is that directors get maximum respect. A false image of respect is created here if you put it as story, screenplay, dialogue and direction. As a producer, I am ready to welcome writers and give them the respect they deserve. Please come to Tamil cinema, writers and story-tellers,” he appealed.

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