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Updated: Friday, August 5, 2022, 16:07 [IST]

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Nairobi: Kenyan politicians are asking for public votes by cleaning bathrooms, cooking meals and polishing shoes.

In the African country of Kenya, all the elections are going to come simultaneously.. On the 9th, Kenya itself is busy because the presidential election, the parliamentary general election and the governorship election are going to be held at the same time.

As usual, many political figures are contesting in this election too.. In this, many figures are still in office.. They are again asking for seats.

Most of the candidates are also very rich.. but they go down to any level to buy votes from the public and work to woo them.

  Tailoring Machine

Tailoring Machine

As the election campaigns have reached the final stage, the country’s flamboyant politicians have gone to public places to woo the voters.. At least in our town, the candidates will enter a tea shop and serve tea.. Especially during the last assembly elections, former minister Jayakumar entered a tailor shop and bought a tailoring machine from a lady and used it as a konal manal. He sewed a cloth and asked..



Another old man put prota in a prota shop.. DMK candidate ironed clothes.. Actress Gauthami baked dosa in a roadside hotel and asked for vote. But in Kenya they have gone a step further… where the candidates contesting the elections run towards the smelly public toilets with buckets and brooms in hand… they flush the toilets and then come out and ask for votes..



The person who washes the bathrooms like this is not doing this for normal posting.. The candidate who is contesting for the post of governor of Nairobi, Igathe, is the one who washed and cleaned the public toilets there and asked for votes.. Not only that, he goes to night clubs and serves alcohol there, which has surprised the voters. Until this campaign started, all these people do not even know where the markets and public toilets are… Now they are acting like a puppet, the voters themselves say with pain..



Similarly, they enter houses to attract women voters.. If women are cooking, they grab a knife and chop vegetables.. But even though the people of the country know very well that this is their drama, the politicians are quietly amused to let them do this work… Whereas, no one is affected by their dramas. The country’s political analysts say they are not impressed.. However, they seem to surpass our politicians in Kenya..!

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How do the Kenya election candidates attract the voters and Cleaning toilets, chopping vegetables

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