I also say ‘Violence is not the solution’: Director Muthiah Quick Interview


As the movie ‘Viruman’ is about to hit the theatres, from the conversation with director Muthiah…

Who is ‘Viruma’?

“It is my custom to tell the stories of the people of our village, where there is a joint family, love and passion. This is a film that says that no relationship should be given up to other relationships.

Everyone makes mistakes in life. But, someone with a hammer should point that out. Make them feel wrong. That will be the honest relationship. ‘Viruman’ is the one who emphasizes that honesty. Theni district plot. Anka Adhikama Kulaswamy’s name is ‘Viruman’. I put that in the title.”

Director Shankar’s daughter Aditi will debut?

“Virumaan’s film is special because they trusted our team and came to act. The heroine is also important in my films. In this film, Aditi is playing the character of Thanmozhi. A girl who puts water cans. A girl who is working for her sister’s life to be good. Shankar sir is a great director.

His daughter Kandippa Sokusa must have lived. For this film, we made him go barefoot, ride a tricycle and lift a water can. The debutant actor has done a great job beyond that.

There are criticisms that there is too much violence in your films…

“Can’t say that. Don’t tell me to pick a thorn with a thorn, that’s how I show it.

If you directly say that you do not use tobacco products, no one listens. When the effects of ‘smoking smoking’ are shown, not everyone gets a panic attack. That’s how I say ‘violence is not the solution’. A few scenes need to be put in place to tell that. There will be no violence in ‘Viruman’.”

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