“We invited Choir Knowledge many times for Chess Olympiad” – Vignesh Sivan explained


Chennai: ““We have invited Choir Vishnu many times for the opening ceremony of the Chess Olympiad,” explains director Vignesh Sivan.

Last year, the independent song ‘Enjai Enjami’, produced by music director Santhosh Narayanan, was released in the singer’s knowledge, Thee Voor. Since its release, the song has trended on the internet and became a huge hit. The song has received more than 42 crore views on YouTube so far.

In this situation, recently, the singer Abadali sang Thee at the opening ceremony of the Chess Olympiad. However, the independent songstress Enku, who is considered to be the main part of the song, did not participate in the Chess Olympiad event. In this regard, many people raised questions on social media whether the knowledge that was the reason for the success of Enjai Enjami song is being ignored.

In this situation, the singer had shared in an Instagram post about his knowledge being ignored. This post went viral. Following this, Santhosh Narayanan, the producer of the ‘Enjai Enjami’ song, and singer Thee also presented their arguments in public.

In this situation, director Vignesh Sivan, who led the production team of Chess Olympiad, has responded regarding this issue.

In an interview, Vignesh Sivan said, “We have been invited several times to participate in the opening ceremony of the Chess Olympiad. But he said he could not participate in it as he was abroad.

However, we said that we are ready to make all necessary arrangements even to return abroad after participating in the program. But he could not come.

I am a fan of knowledge. He is talented. So we don’t use anyone as a substitute in the place of knowledge in Abdal. “There is no ideological difference between our show production team and knowledge.”

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