Best actor than me Karthi – Suriya praise at ‘Viruman’ function


“I will not hesitate to register anywhere that Karthi is a better actor than me,” said actor Surya.

‘Viruman’ movie music and trailer release ceremony was held in Madurai. Actor Surya, Karthik, Aditi Shankar, director Bharathiraja, Yuvanshankar Raja, Muthiah, Suri and many others participated in it. I am very happy that the film ‘Komban’ is a success. In ‘Viruman’, the father is the villain for the hero. Muthiah told the story of the father who punishes even if he makes a mistake.

I liked the story. It was a pleasure to act with Prakash Raju. Aditi has entered the film industry as a woman. It is not an ordinary thing. In fact, he said that his father should never play me. Every time he goes for a shoot, his father tells him how to take care of the girls. Muthiah deserves a big win. He is a hard worker. After the film ‘Baruthi Veeran’, I am happy to have lived in Madurai again. Thank you everyone” he said.

Surya continued, “I have beautiful memories in Madurai. There is no dearth of stories in Madurai. All are true stories. Bharathiraja is a director who hails from Kadakodi village. Bharathiraja was a great inspiration for those coming from the village. I have played at his house. He said that he will be with me no matter what.

It is a big support for me. Thank you for participating in the Su. Venkatesan Festival, which is recording the voice of the people of Madurai. I have started a journey with him. I will inform you soon. We shot the film only for the dialogues that were placed at the end of Viruman.

Although I came to cinema earlier than Karthi, it is Karthi who loves cinema more. Karthi is a better actor than me. When the National Award was announced, I was in New York. Madurai is a city that celebrates arts and artists. We are blessed to have a music performance at this venue. ” said.

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