“The voice of knowledge must be heard” – Thee’s interpretation of controversy from Rolling Stone to the Chess Olympiad


Singer Thee has explained on her behalf the ‘Enjai Enjami’ song controversy from Rolling Stone cover to Chess Olympiad.

Last year the independent song Enjai Enjami, produced by music director Santhosh Narayanan, was released with singers’ knowledge, thee voice. Recently, the singer Abadali was amazing in the chess olympiad competition. However, the main part of the song, singer knowledge, did not participate in the event. Many people have raised questions on social media whether knowledge is being ignored. After that, he had shared in his Instagram post about the knowledge that he was being ignored. This post went viral. Santhosh Narayanan had posted in order to explain the record of knowledge.

In this situation, now singer Thee has given an explanation on her behalf. In it, he explained the process from the Rolling Stone India cover to the Chess Olympiad. In his post, he said, “I have given due credit to both Knowledge and Santhosh Narayanan at every stage of the Enjai Enjami song. Every chance I got, I have spoken with pride about both of them, especially Knowledge. I have never underestimated the importance of both of them. At every opportunity, I have been highlighting their contributions on stage.

At the same time, I have nothing to do with the advertisements shared by others about our work. Director Manikandan and his movie “Kaaisi Kiyam” became a major driving force behind the creation of the song “Enjayi Enjami”. The lyrics and composition of ‘Enjai Enjami’ was discussed and refined by our team. We were all on the same page till the song was released.

I got to know most of the meaning and story behind the song through each interview I did after the song was released. Believing that knowledge is not only important but also primary, I wanted the voice of knowledge to always be heard. All earnings and rights from the song were shared equally between the three of us. I wanted to experience the heights that ‘Enjai Enjami’ reached with Vidhu and Santhosh Narayanan. If there is any chance of inequality in it, I will certainly not be a part of it.

Shaun and I were on the cover of Rolling Stone India last year. That’s the cover art for our upcoming album (Fire and Shaun). Otherwise, it’s not for Enjaai Enjami song or Nayee Oli song. The song titles are not mentioned in the cover image either. I was told that Rolling Stone is going to publish articles on Vidhu, Santhosh Narayanan and majja artists. Rolling Stone magazine announced in a tweet before our cover came out. I was happy to see that announcement.

The event organizers approached me to participate in the Chess Olympiad with knowledge. We used his voice in the show after he was unable to participate due to the fact that he was in America. Knowledge was talked about at the event for her voice and her contribution to the song. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support of the entire team including Santhosh Narayanan, Vidhu, Majja for making the song ‘Enjayi Enjami’.

The song ‘Enjayi Enjami’ was born by fellow artists out of love and respect for this universe and life. For me, it will always be the same. “Truth will always prevail,” singer Dee has given a long explanation.

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