Terror on the sidelines.. friend who cut off the constable’s ear, nose and lips.. what is the reason




Updated: Tuesday, August 2, 2022, 16:36 [IST]

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Lahore: Pakistani police are looking for the husband who cut off the ears, nose and lips of his wife who had an adulterous relationship.

Jhang is a district 200 km away from Lahore. Here the incident took place on Sunday.

The resident of that area is Muhammad Iftikhar.. His friend Constable Qasim Hayat.. It has come to light that the constable is having an affair with his wife.

The wife who died as she wished.. The husband who died in the next second.. The ideal couple that rocked Uttara Merur.The wife who died as she wished.. The husband who died in the next second.. The ideal couple that rocked Uttara Merur.



Due to this, Iftikhar, who was enraged, decided to stab Qasim Hayat.. For that, he called his friends.. A total of 12 friends had come.. For this reason, they had been monitoring Hayat’s duty and when he would return home.. Accordingly, on the day of the incident, after finishing his duty, he went to the constable’s house. While coming, he was abducted by all of them…



Qasim Hayat was allegedly taken to a no-man’s land and subjected to severe torture and mutilation of his body parts with a sharp knife. That is, Hayat’s ear, nose and lips were cut separately.. due to which the constable screamed in pain.. hearing the sound, the passers-by rushed to rescue him and took him to Jhang District Headquarters Hospital..



It is said that he is in a life-threatening condition due to excessive bleeding and stab wounds in many places on his body. When a police officer told about this, it is said that Qasim had an affair with Iftikhar’s wife. At that time, he showed the obscene pictures he had taken and threatened the woman for money… When it came to know about this, Iftikhar recently filed a police complaint against Qasim.

  Maya - Missing

Mayam – Missing

But no action was taken… Iftikhar, who was left with no other option, kidnapped Qasim along with his friends and tortured him by cutting off his ears, nose and lips. “When the police found Qasim, he was in a very bad condition… Doctors have said that his condition in the hospital is critical,” he said… Now that Iftikhar and his accomplices are missing, the police are searching for them.

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police constable nose lips mutilated by husband for having affair with his wife

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