“Rockets” are ready – Nancy will meet the President of Taiwan tomorrow.. Tonight is the day for China!



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Updated: Wednesday, August 3, 2022, 0:26 [IST]

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Taiwan: US Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to meet the President of the country tomorrow (Wednesday) after reaching Taiwan despite strong protests from China.

Taiwan broke away from China in 1949 following the Inland War. Taiwan remains independent, but is claimed by China. US Speaker Nancy Pelosi is currently on a tour of Asian countries.

He first went to Singapore and met the Prime Minister of that country. The fact that Taiwan was included in the US Speaker’s Asian trip has angered China.

“Army, missile” ready.. China threatening Taiwan! America the Amazing – Extreme Tension

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping has condemned the news that Nancy Pelosi is visiting Taiwan. “We cannot allow Nancy Pelosi to come to Taiwan. Those who play with fire are sure to turn into ashes.” He warned US President Joe Biden. Will Nancy Pelosi visit Taiwan despite Xi Jinping’s opposition? Or retreat? Expectations prevailed throughout the world.

Visit Nancy

Visit Nancy

He reached Taiwan today at 8:15 pm without any delay in his journey. When he went to Taiwan, he was enthusiastically welcomed by the authorities of that country. The country is providing military protection to him when he reached Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

Meeting with the Chancellor

Meeting with the Chancellor

13 US fighter jets have flown from Japan to Taipei, Taiwan to protect Nancy Pelosi. He is lodged at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in the capital, Taipei. US Speaker Nancy will meet Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen tomorrow.

What is happening in Taiwan now? China *World is very angry with America



According to the Ministry of Defense of China, “The Chinese army is on high alert. We will take planned military actions. China’s defense forces are going to conduct joint military exercises tonight. We are going to conduct a missile test in the East Sea of ​​Taiwan.” announced that

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US Speaker Nancy Pelosi meets Taiwan president on wednesday: US Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to meet the president of that country tomorrow (Wednesday) after reaching Taiwan despite strong protests from China.

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