Mallika Sherawat peels back the dark sides of Bollywood


One of the leading actresses Mallika Sherawat has spoken about the dark sides of Bollywood.

Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat. He acted in Kamal’s Dasavatharam in Tamil and danced for a song in Mani Ratnam’s Guru and Silambarasan’s Osthi. Mallika Sherawat has the honor of acting with Jackie Chan among the Bollywood heroines. He has not acted in films for the past few years and has explained the reason and also revealed the dark side of Bollywood cinema.

In a recent interview, Mallika said, “None of Bollywood’s ‘A’ list heroes want to work with me because the truth is I won’t compromise with them. It’s very simple. They want actresses they can control and compromise with. I’m not like that. My personality is not like that. .I don’t want to subject myself to someone else’s wishes.I don’t want to go to that compromise.

The compromise that heroes define is that if they are told to sit, they must sit, and if they are told to stand, they must stand. Be prepared to do whatever is said. Why is it that if the hero calls you at 3 in the morning and says ‘come to my house’ you should go there immediately. Only then can you be in his picture. “If you refuse to go home, you will be fired from his film,” he has openly said. This speech of his has become an event noticed in the Bollywood world.

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