The sparkling sea.. thousands of jelly fish if you look closely.. but that’s the danger!



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Published: Monday, August 1, 2022, 17:09 [IST]

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JERUSALEM: In recent days, the melting of the ice rocks in the North Pole of the world and the rise of the sea level have been affected, and now, the large amount of jelly fish floating in the waters of Israel has caused a new fear of climate change.

Researchers have estimated that the Earth we live in has experienced about 5 cataclysms since its inception. Researchers have noted that more than 90 species that used to live on this earth became extinct due to these catastrophes, and we are living as one of the remaining ones.

But in recent years there has been a lot of exploitation of the earth for the profit of a few specific people, causing natural damage. As a result the climate also changes. Scientists have noted that this is replicated among living organisms.

Look at what I'm doing, this China.. Researchers have discovered Look at what I’m doing, this China.. Researchers have discovered



What is so surprising about the above incident, you ask? Nothing to be surprised about. But there is much to worry about. First, these types of jellyfish are invertebrates. So it lives only in the deep sea. In this case, these fish are currently floating on the surface of the sea in large numbers. A second type of jellyfish swarm has never been seen before in Israeli waters. It is looking for new places. That is, they are migrating due to the dangers that have occurred in the area where they have already lived.



Thirdly, it is a poisonous fish, so tourists should be very careful on the beaches near this sea area. It is best to avoid using the beach as much as possible. So this will cause a loss to the country which earns about Rs 75 crores annually through tourism. It also causes minor problems like getting caught in fishing nets and clogging the pipes used to convert salt water into drinking water.



Recently, some members of the Navy were in awe of this group of fish while on patrol. These scenes have been posted as videos and posted on social media. It is this video that has now sparked a new debate on climate change. The effects of climate change have made the planet warmer. This heat is also reflected in sea water. In this case, these fish have started migrating towards the Sudan region.



These fish are commonly found in the Red Sea. But now due to climate change, they have spread through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean. Climate change has encouraged this particular fish species to grow in abundance. This jellyfish is one of the oldest living creatures in the world. But the scientists claim that there is no benefit in breeding it in large numbers.

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Israel’s Parks and Nature Authority said that pollution and climate change are increasing the intensity of the jellyfish swarms.

Story first published: Monday, August 1, 2022, 17:09 [IST]

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